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Faith First. Family Second. Job Third.

ICM, Inc. was founded with a philosophy of “Faith First. Family Second. Job Third.”

We have a culture that keeps our priorities in order, understanding that faith and family come first to maintain a healthy and efficient attitude while at work, so that when we come through the gate, we are able to focus on the job at hand.
If you have a child that is playing in a soccer game or you have other important family obligations, we expect you to be there. We want employees to enjoy being with ICM, both on- and off-site.

Beyond the Resumé

Finding employees who thrive here isn’t just something we do. It’s the most important thing we do. At ICM, we value competency, integrity, and tenacity. When we add to our team, we look beyond the resumé to consider the attitude, the aptitude, and the work ethic. People who find success here are the ones who are energized by the fact that they work for an industry leader, a company that takes calculated risks, and a company that explores new ideas and dedicates itself to making its customers successful.
So we look for creative thinkers . . . people who aren’t afraid to speak up and be heard, people who are excited by the challenges and rewards that innovation creates, and people with a passion for working collaboratively to discover new ways to improve. In return, ICM provides our employees with an atmosphere that encourages fun and helps maintain a healthy work-life balance.
ICM invests heavily in our employees, so when new positions come open, we prefer to promote from within whenever we can. We work hard to provide ample opportunity for advancement and long-term careers, because ICM doesn’t want to be a stepping stone. We’d like to be the last place you ever work.