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ICM to partner with CleanStar Mozambique

Newton Kansan.com | Oct 25, 2011
COLWICH — ICM has announced its role in supporting CleanStar Mozambique — a company founded by Novozymes and CleanStar Ventures — to protect forests, produce food, deliver energy, reduce air pollution and enrich lives.
“ICM shares the vision with CleanStar Mozambique to implement sustainable farming practices for smallholder farmers, and to integrate a food and energy production facility that will have profound impacts on improved health and economic benefits for the people of Mozambique,” a news release stated. “When presented with the opportunity to participate in the CleanStar Mozambique project, ICM was thrilled to lend its expertise and years of experience.”
Since its inception in 1995, the Colwich company has impacted the renewable fuels industry by providing process design on a number of biorefineries constructed throughout North America.
“Backed by the strength of several hundred of its employees, ICM is thrilled to support CleanStar Mozambique’s efforts to leverage innovation to drive social development and environmental restoration in the developing world,” a news release stated. “ICM looks forward to using its expertise to create similar solutions for future opportunities and partners all around the world.”
- Design and construction of ethanol plant for CleanStar Mozambique. ICM has designed and constructed equipment for a one-gallon-per-minute ethanol plant that is currently under construction in Mozambique. The ethanol from the plant will be produced using cassava that is sourced from the local rural communities, and the cooking fuel will be sold to the urban community in Maputo, Mozambique.
“It is critically important to provide the community’s people with the training and job skill opportunities to operate the plant, and enjoy the increased employment opportunities and economic benefits,” a news release stated.
The welders in the company’s manufacturing division have produced shop-fabricated and specialty equipment components for the ethanol plant, which is designed to convert 18 pounds of locally-grown cassava chips into a gallon of 185+ proof ethanol.
- Biomass boiler to create steam production and engine-generator for electricity. Also being provided is a custom-built, robust biomass boiler manufactured by Victory Energy for steam production, and an engine-generator for the plant’s electricity needs. The engine-generator contributed by ICM has been modified and tested by using hydrous ethanol.
- Cassava milling, cook process and distillation. ICM has sized the cassava milling and cook process to operate 10-12 hours a day, and the small plant will include three fermenters and a beer-well. The distillation is sized to operate continuously, 24 hours a day; the plant can begin and cease operations as needed.
- Operation of the ethanol plant by the local community. ICM is providing a graphic control panel that contains the essential basics for motor control and flow control.
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