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Advanced Gasification Technology


ICM’s proprietary gasification technology is based on platform technology developed in the early 1980’s and has since evolved to its present form – robust, highly efficient, and capable of producing a variety of desirable outputs and co-products. As a means to unlock and harness the energy available in renewable biomass and other waste feed sources, our approach is unparalleled in terms of its features, flexibility, and cost effectiveness. As the company behind and supporting our products, ICM stands out - unmatched in reputation, manufacturing capabilities, organizational strength, and the skills we bring to bear in delivering and implementing project solutions.


For industries and end users looking to make use of non-traditional resources in a sustainable, stable, and environmentally-friendly fashion, ICM’s gasification technology offers multiple paths for producing recoverable thermal energy, generating baseload power, addressing waste issues, all while meeting the most stringent efficiency, safety, quality, and environmental objectives.
Targeted Outputs:

  • Syngas or Producer Gas
  • Electric Power
  • Steam
  • Recovered Heat
  • Combined Heat and Power (CHP)
  • Biochar

Key Features:

  • Feedstock Flexibility
  • Tolerant to Variations in Moisture & Material Size
  • Variable Energy Output
  • Modular Construction & Small Footprint
  • Robust Design with Few Moving Parts
  • In-House Fabrication

ICM gasification technology is a profitable fit for many industrial applications. Here are just a few:

  • bio-refineries, including traditional corn-to-ethanol and cellulosic ethanol plants
  • waste management facilities and landfills
  • coal boiler re-powering
  • pulp and paper mills
  • food processors
  • pellet plants
  • poultry processing facilities
  • panel board plants
  • independent power producers
  • timber mills
  • waste water treatment plants

With thousands of tons of feedstock processed over several thousands of hours of operation, the ICM design has proven to be robust and maintenance-friendly, with minimal downtime. We offer single, modular gasification solutions in the 80 to 450+ ton per day range (which can produce 3 to 16+ MWe net) depending on feedstock conditions such as moisture and thermo-physical properties.

Since 2009, our full-scale demonstration gasification system has successfully processed a wide variety of feedstock. Our application range includes:feedstock

  • refuse-derived fuel (RDF)
  • bark/urban trimmings
  • corn stover/sorghum stalks
  • tires chips/tire-derived fuel (TDF)
  • switchgrass and other energy crops
  • wheat straw/agricutural residuals
  • poultry litter
  • paper sludge
  • construction and demolition waste (C&D)
  • dry fractionation corn fiber
  • sugar cane bagasse
  • biosolids
  • other opportunity feed sources

Let us evaluate your feedstock, review your project requirements and discuss with you how our technology can deliver the results you expect.