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Advanced Oil Separation™ System

The Advanced Oil Separation™ System (AOS™) is a specially-designed combination of equipment that utilizes an ICM-proprietary, patented process to maximize the recovery of non-food-grade bio-oil from emulsion concentrate after the centrifugal separation of mid-stillage (syrup).

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AOS™ breaks the emulsion concentrate (a mixture of water, oil, soluble proteins, sugars, and starches), dramatically increasing the volume of oil recovered from the plant's process stream. This vast improvement over current methods and technologies has the potential to significantly affect your bottom line, with an ROI in approximately six months. The operational cost is less than one-half cent-per-pound of oil recovered, yielding significant economic value for the plant.  

Advanced Oil System Multiple Viles
In addition to increasing revenue, our system is simple to clean and maintain, with no disassembly necessary, and the operational costs are low. The system also has a modular, skid-mounted design that makes it easy to install and operate, even in plants designed with non-ICM process technology.
For more information on Advanced Oil Separation™ System, download:

Patented Advanced Oil Separation™ System, 2.1mb