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Ammonia to Fermenters

ICM’s Ammonia Delivery System provides an easier, automatic nitrogen Ammonia to Fermenter photodosing method that reduces handling time and costs. This system was designed to deliver nitrogen in the most efficient manner possible, and has multiple benefits over the addition of urea.

Reduced expenses

  • Ammonia has been historically less expensive than urea to meet nitrogen requirements.
  • Depending on your enzyme supplier, the potential exists to reduce or discontinue use of ammonia in the slurry tank.

Improved equipment life

  • Compared to urea, ammonia is cleaner and reduces equipment wear.
  • The nitrogen carrier in urea has a tendency to plate out on hot surfaces. Ammonia does not contain this carrier, reducing the rate of exchanger fouling.

Simple, automated nitrogen dosing

  • ICM’s proven delivery system provides timed, consistent ammonia delivery to ensure the lowest NOX change possible.Ammonia to Fermenter Chart
  • Dosing adjusts automatically to match cook flow rate.
  • Because of the labor required to handle urea, optimal dosing times are sometimes missed. Our system is always ready, ensuring on-time dosing every time.

Less labor required

  • Delivery is handled by vendor, directly into storage tank, reducing your labor requirements by eliminating need for receiving, storing, and loading urea.