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Base Tricanter System™

ICM’s oil separation technology utilizing the Base Tricanter System™ (BTS™) has demonstrated to be the most superior mechanical oil recovery system on the market. An average 110 MMGY, ICM-designed plant with no current oil separation system could expect to add more than $7.6 million to their annual gross margin after installing the BTS™ system.

Plug & Play
ICM's BTS™ utilizes a skid-mounted Tricanter® centrifuge and contains all the necessary piping, electrical components, and controls for quick and easy installation. This modular system is optimized for ICM-engineered plants. It can also be modified to function as a stand-alone system in plants designed with other technologies.

A standard package includes installed equipment skid featuring BTS™, settling tank(s), and truck load out. Other options and services available for additional fees include:

  • Rail Load Out, and
  • Environmental Permitting.

Base Tricanter System™- Skid Flow Diagram Overview

ICM's BTS™ separates oil from the post-fermentation syrup stream as it leaves the evaporators. The oil is routed to settling tanks, and the remaining concentrated syrup is routed to your plant's existing syrup tank. Utilizing Flottweg's differentiated Tricanter® centrifuge, the ICM mechanical oil recovery process offers:

  • Improved oil yield,
  • Ability to select different oil product standards,
  • Increased uptime, and
  • Operator- and maintenance-friendly equipment.