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Beer Column Distribution Upgrades

For less than $100K you can virtually eliminate carryover and extend service life.


Increase Rate and Reduce Fatigue

As production flow rate increases, carryover of mash from the beer column to the side stripper also increases, causing buildup and inefficient operations.

ICM’s new Beer Column Distribution heavily reduces carryover by decreasing the velocity of the mash, as well as fully distributing the product across the beer column's top tray.

In addition, this new design decreases the stresses on the side wall of your beer column, reducing the chances of costly fatigue, which may cause cracking at the pipe entrance through the column wall.

Many competitive designs attempt to help carryover, but ICM’s design is proven to significantly reduce both carryover and fatigue.

Increased flow rates do not have to equal increased fatigue

As plants increase flow rates, temperatures, and pressures throughout the various piping runs in their facilities, these increases can cause negative effects on piping, inlets, and other plant equipment -- as well as cause undesired process effects.

In the piping run from fermentation to the beer column, increased rates have shown to cause excessive vibration of the beer column inlet, and allow for excessive carryover across the top of the beer column.

Excessive vibration of the inlet may lead to premature wear and even failure on the piping and the tank wall. If catastrophic failure occurs at this area of the plant, it will cause plant shutdown and involve untimely and expensive piping and tank repairs.

Excessive Carryover across the top of the beer column leads to increased fouling throughout distillation and, in the evaporators, leads to loss of efficiency and need for increased CIP or shutdown time for internal cleaning or repair of the vessel.

Eliminate carryover and vibration

The beer column feed inlet modification is designed to handle greater flow rates, thus reducing stress and carryover issues commonly seen otherwise.  The feed inlet is changed both inside and outside of the beer column vessel, and the new, unique design provides reduced velocity and more uniform distribution into the vessel, ultimately resulting in minimized vibration, decreased stress, and significantly reduce carryover.




ICM process engineers have worked with  EAPC Industrial Services to analyze the stress that can be placed on the beer column distribution system.