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CO2 Scrubber Retrofit

CO2 Scrubber Comparison Photos

The CO2 Scrubber Structured Packing Retrofit allows your plant to increase production rates without the risk of compromising permitted emission limits due to fermenter venting. This helps your facility adhere to the Clean Air Act and also offers the cost-avoidance benefit of potential air permit emissions violations due to Pressure Safety Valves (PSV) lifting.

Avoid EPA fines without adding operating costs

A facility that knowingly emits unpermitted VOCs into the atmosphere has the potential to be fined up to tens of thousands of dollars for each day that the plant is in non-compliance.

Other solutions to minimize PSV lifting include slowing plant production rate, installation of a larger scrubber, and installation of a fan.

The Structured Packing Retrofit is a low-cost solution that far outweighs these undesirable options.

CO2 Scrubber Comparison Diagram