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DCS Upgrades


As your plant’s needs evolve and operating technology advances, ICM is there with forward-thinking, up-to-date, and cost-effective solutions in our DCS Upgrade Packages.

ICM’s DCS experts are available to perform a system audit to help you determine how and when you should upgrade your system. We can also help you weigh the risks and benefits of the following courses of action:

  • Upgrade graphics software only [Standard Upgrade]
  • Upgrade entire DCS system [Ultimate Upgrade]
  • Sign ICM’s DCS Service Contract with guaranteed spare parts availability


DCS Screen

Standard Upgrade - I-HMI™ Graphics Package

ICM’s I-HMI™ system, also based on Wonderware® technology from Invensys, is a dynamic, proprietary product developed by ICM specifically for the ethanol industry. This software is continuously updated to work with current 32-and 64-bit Microsoft® operating systems as well as the latest releases of Wonderware® technology. I-HMI™ graphics are similar to the graphic output of Foxboro®, making a transition to a Foxboro® system from Invensys easy on your operators, should you decide to upgrade at a later date.

Ultimate Upgrade - A Low-Cost Complete DCS Conversion Solution

A unique I/O replacement solution designed specifically for APACS®†† users, this package upgrades your existing Siemens ProcessSuite™ system to a new, full-featured Foxboro I/A Series® system from Invensys. There is no change to I/O wiring or terminal blocks, no extra footprint required; Invensys has developed one-for-one Foxboro I/A Series® I/O replacements for APACS® I/O modules that plug in directly to existing MODULRAC™, SIX-RAC™, or UNIRAC™ mounting racks. This approach can significantly reduce the high cost, risk, and impact typical of full system replacements. Computers will be replaced with new 64-bit technology (Windows Server® 2003 OS) and a new fiber-optic mesh network will be installed, giving you a 100% new Foxboro I/A Series® control system, the enabling platform for full enterprise control and business integration. ICM can usually perform the upgrade in one day, during a regularly scheduled shutdown.

The Foxboro I/A Series® was designed to control critical and hazardous non-stop operations with state-of-the-art security, while providing maximum uptime with multi-layer, top-to-bottom fault tolerant architecture. The 1Gb MESH network uses fiber-optic cable to communicate rapidly and reliably while handling multiple faults with powerful control processors. The system is set up redundantly, and relies on interface modules with other systems, not terminal servers, increasing analog input accuracy. The Foxboro I/A Series system is also the enabling platform for InFusion® Enterprise Control, allowing manufacturers to optimize the productivity, control, and safety of their operations in real time.

For more information on DCS Upgrades, download:

DCS Upgrades, 244kb