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Gas-Fired Equipment Upgrade

In 2014, the ethanol industry experienced an increase in thermal events relating to gas-fired equipment FM Global, ERI Solutions, and ICM worked together to develop solutions that will lead to safer operations in the future. As a result, in April 2015, FM Global released a publication titled "Gas Fired Equipment in Ethanol Production Facilities," which summarizes the most common issues surrounding events and offers recommended prevention methods. Adhering to these methods, ICM offers the following upgrades.

ICM engineers have developed a gas-fired equipment upgrade package for ICM dryers and thermal oxidizers with focus on improved safety and reliability. The new package includes an upgraded natural gasflow meter, an upgraded natural gas control valve, a new combustion airflow meter, and new interlocks.

New Combustion Airflow Meter

All burners installed and commissioned by ICM meet National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) guidelines for proving combustion airflow. Installation of the new combustion airflow meter allows the operator to recognize actual airflow measurements in real time. Combustion airflow measurement provides additional information enabling plants to promote safety and maintenance beyond NFPA requirements.

The new combustion airflow meter delivers the following advantages:

    • Provides full-range accuracy from burner "low fire" light off to full burner capacity.
    • Is a multi-probe design with self-calibrating features.
    • Corrects the measured value for seasonal temperature changes.
    • Provides the real-time combustion airflow measurement for the new gas/air trip table (see Interlocks section).
    • Can be installed on all ICM-designed dryers and thermal oxidizers.
    • In addition, ICM offers an optional automatic purging system to periodically purge the pitot tubes to eliminate or reduce false readings due to particulate build up.
    • Integrated purge airflow switch which prevents dryer light off without adequate purge air (see Interlocks section).