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Gas Monitoring Enhancement

ICM’s developed our exclusive gas controls monitoring enhancements to provide improved performance reliability for your ongoing operations. Not only do they reduce the consequences of mechanical or human error, they also improve performance reliability and decrease energy costs.Gas Monitoring Comparison

Fuel-to-Air Monitoring Package

This system modification monitors combustion air flow and gas flow on the dryer(s).

Dryer Air Flow Monitoring

This system provides a multi-probe design for measuring combustion air-flow accurately, covering the combustion air requirements from “low fire” light-off to maximum dryer burner capacity.  

Gas Flow Transmitter

This transmitter provides a replacement Fox Thermal Gas Mass Flowmeter. This flowmeter has a measurement range turndown of 100:1, and accurately measures the gas flow at the low end, which is the “low-fire” gas rate when lighting the burner.

Thermal Oxidizer Oxygen Sensors

This equipment addition provides enhanced monitoring of actual oxygen levels and allows for the addition of alarms and trips to be added to the DCS to maintain recommended minimum O2 levels.

Gas Valve Upgrade

This upgrade replaces your current Siemens actuator and linkage on your gas train. Fisher segmented ball valves and direct actuators more precisely control equipment and improve dryer control loop tuning.

The ICM design meets all applicable safety codes (including NFPA standard guidelines), and can be safely operated in accordance with the published operating procedures.