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O2 Trim for ICM Thermal Oxidizers

Oxygen Trim (02 Trim) for the ICM Thermal Oxidizer allows for an increase in efficiency gain in natural gas MM Btu per gallon of ethanol produced, along with a small increase in plant rate. 02 Trim reduces the total airflow through the TO and out the stack. This can be realized in a slight increase in a plant's dryer and TO capacity.

Increase Energy Efficiency with Oxygen Trim

Controlling airflow is one of the most important elements of boiler operation and is critical for safe. reliable, and efficient operation. Incorrect airflow can lead to a fuel-rich imbalance condition in the combustion chamber. incomplete combustion. inefficient operation, and other issues. It is not uncommon for plants to feed excess air to the Thermal Oxidizers {TO) to ensure complete combustion. However. this practice can have a negative effect on efficiency and capacity. 

02 Trim can improve boiler efficiency. The reduction of stack oxygen increases the potential for boiler efficiency.

02 Trim continuously monitors the excess oxygen concentration in the TO's exhaust and makes adjustments to the airflow to maintain an optimum air-to-fuel ratio to achieve the best combustion conditions at all firing rates. Two Oxygen sensors are used, both working together in the system for reliability and accuracy. In the event of a low 02 reading, the system will revert back to ratio table control.

  • Improved burner efficiency.
  • Less excess air heated and lost up the stack.
  • Provides additional control of oxygen levels {at the minimum) 3.5%. ICM's Energy Center
  • Operations Manual {ECOM) specifies an operational minimum stack oxygen content of 3.5% (dry-oxygen measurement).
  • TO fan damper is less open giving better control of TO furnace pressure.
  • TO fan damper being less open increases TO temperature improving boiler efficiency.
  • 02 Trim cannot be installed without first implementing the ICM Gas-Fired Equipment upgrade package.

Dryer Operations with 02 Trim:

  • Operating the dryers in a consistent fashion leads to more steady operation of the TO system.
  • Consistent dryer operation enhances the benefits of the 02 Trim package.