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Rotary Dryers

When it comes to rotary dryers, ICM has the experience and performance second to none, with over 300 rotary conditioning units designed, built, and installed at 125 facilities across North America.

Indirect - and Direct-Fired Rotary Dryers

ICM dryers produce uniform product consistency and are ideal for dehydrating fine particles and those sensitive to combustion. Their dependability and durability have made them the preferred drying solution for the ethanol industry.

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All ICM rotary equipment undergoes a pre-design process to ensure proper sizing for specified load levels and retention. P.E.-certified mechanical analysis and available progressive finite element analysis provides assurance to design reliability, and innovative equipment configuration is designed for ease of use, making quick work of maintenance and parts replacement.

Quality Manufacturing

Heavy-duty construction with durable components ensures long equipment life and low-maintenance, trouble-free operation. We impose exacting manufacturing standards to ensure precision movement, extending equipment life.