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Selective Milling Technology™

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Enhanced Capabilities

• 26 SMT™ systems sold globally and growing. Now is the time to add the most proven solution for enhanced ethanol and distiller's corn oil yield in the industry.

• Many factors can limit the amount of distiller's corn oil made available for recovery. SMT™ has a unique ability to provide solutions for the most common process limiting factors.

• Each plant has the ability to be a low-cost producer. SMT™ provides a new and powerful addition to the grind and cook, giving a plant new opportunites with both hammer mill operations and first addition enzyme dosing.

Benefits of SMT™

• Up to 3% yield increase 

• Up to 25% distiller’s oil recovery increase

• Increase a plant’s bottom line

• Operational flexibility to  target specific variables

• Patented technology




Selective Milling Technology V2™

Selective Milling Technology V2™ is a new version of ICM platform technology. It is an innovative grind system designed to maximize ethanol and distillers oil production while minimizing energy consumption. With SMT V2™, plants will be able to maximize the amount of starch exposed for conversion to ethanol and oil recovery, while maximizing fiber recovery for higher value platform applications, like ICM’s Fiber Separation Technology Next Gen™ and ICM’s Gen1.5.

Enhanced Capabilities
• Using a newly designed proprietary milling device, the new and improved SMT V2™ allows plants to maximize efficiencies by reducing the added energy needed. 

• This design offers the same production yield benefits, with close to half the electrical load requirement, and new opportunities for improved operations.

Benefits of SMT V2™
• Provide up to 3% ethanol yield increase

• Provide up to 15% oil yield increase
• Reduce over 40% usage connected horsepower
• Optimize grind profile to suit the downstream
• Platform for additional value adding technologies
• Patented technology

Selective Milling Technology™ and Selective Milling Technology V2™ 1.3mb