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Selective Milling Technology™

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Enhanced Capabilities

• 26 SMT™ systems sold globally and growing. Now is the time to add the most proven solution for enhanced ethanol and distiller's corn oil yield in the industry.

• Many factors can limit the amount of distiller's corn oil made available for recovery. SMT™ has a unique ability to provide solutions for the most common process limiting factors.

• Each plant has the ability to be a low-cost producer. SMT™ provides a new and powerful addition to the grind and cook, giving a plant new opportunites with both hammer mill operations and first addition enzyme dosing.


Benefits of SMT™

• Up to 3% yield increase 

• Up to 25% distiller’s oil recovery increase

• Reduce a plant’s bottom line

• Operational flexibility to  target specific variables

• Patented technology


For more information on Selective Milling Technology™, download:

Selective Milling Technology™, 1.3mb