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Steam-Tube Dryers


ICM didn’t invent steam tube dryer technology. Instead, we acquired the best technology in the business—built from more than 100 years of design experience—and then we perfected it.

ICM has built upon Davenport Machine Company technology to manufacture many rotary steam-tube systems, demonstrating our ability to provide excellent solutions for steam-powered drying and cooking. We can also refurbish systems designed by other technology providers.

Our steam tube dryers offer these features:

  • controllable dehydration through conduction
  • low sweep gas volume
  • purged seals for substantial positive and negative operation
  • low-temp drying capabilities
  • high efficiency through low gas volume exit temperature


In addition to these benefits, our steam tube dryers can be sized to meet any application or drying need. And because of our advanced manufacturing capability, we can quickly accommodate any order size.