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Aftermarket Services

After almost two decades in the business, ICM understands ethanol better than anyone else. But we’re still hard at work researching and developing new and better ways to build and support the plants that manufacture it. Here are just a few:

Distributed Control System (DCS) Support

Driving your ICM-designed plant is a computerized Distributed Control System (DCS). It’s just one of the integral pieces that make up the industry’s most efficient plants.

In support of your DCS, ICM offers a service contract that includes:

  • Bi-annual onsite computer system maintenance
  • Around-the-clock customer support
  • Spare parts

Advanced Process Controls

ICM’s Advanced Process Controls (APC) system is precision-engineered to significantly lower the variability of your plant operations. The results are increased yield, reduced energy consumption, higher production, and reduced emissions.

Traditionally, the PID controls in the DCS are single-input and single-output. They are reactive, which means the adjustments they make always lag behind what’s happening in the stream. The result is high variability.

ICM’s APC system is a multi-variable, Model-based Predictive Control (MPC) system. This “smart” system sees all process variables in a unit operation at once, so it predicts and makes adjustments to mitigate disturbances in real time.

Dryer and Thermal Oxidizer System Support

ICM builds the safest, most efficient dryer system in the ethanol industry, and we support our technology and equipment with best-in-class customer service and support.

  • 1,000-Point Energy Center Inspection. ICM offers a comprehensive inspection of your plant’s energy center, including all conveyors, mixers, drums, ducting, and thermal oxidizers.
  • Spare Parts. We guarantee we’ll have replacement parts for your energy center in stock. No one else does that.
  • Training. Before, during, and long after your ICM dryer installation, we’ll support your team with training to ensure your success. Learn more about our on-site training program.

Training Support

Designing and building the industry’s most efficient ethanol plants is only part of the equation. It takes good people with solid training to run them. ICM supports our plant startups with a six-week operator training program. To help prepare new employees and keep veteran employees up to date, we also offer three-day refresher courses in our Colwich, Kansas, facility.

Maintenance Support

ICM offers a variety of support services to help maintain ethanol plants.

  • Training. Before, during, and long after your plant is up and running, we’ll support your team with training to ensure your success.
  • Customer Support. We’re available around the clock to keep you’re plant running efficiently.