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Burner Management System

ICM’s Burner Management System (BMS) Safety Program helps prevent burner malfunction incidents through annual safety inspections of your plant’s fuel burner, much like an annual boiler inspection.

Meeting your NFPA obligations

Per National Fire Prevention Association (NFPA) recommendations, ethanol plant owners are responsible for scheduling and enforcing the frequency and extent of inspections, testing, and maintenance.
Our program can help your plant meet its NFPA obligations, and covers dryer burners and thermal oxidizer burners to ensure safe operation of the equipment in accordance with the latest NFPA standards.

We will provide your plant with documentation upon completion of testing, and we will also maintain backup files of the documentation at ICM.

Scheduled around you

All safety checks associated with this service require the burners to be off. For the most economical safety check possible, we recommend scheduling this service during a planned shutdown for regularly scheduled maintenance or boiler inspection.

For more information on the Burner Management Safety Program, download 
Burner Management Safety Program, 351kb