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Energy Center

As ICM has expanded the products and services to cover the entire Energy Center, as well as the rest of the ethanol plant, we’ve continued to manufacture and support safe, efficient, and durable equipment that’s guaranteed to perform.

Along with our predictive maintenance program, which allows your plant to predict useful part and machinery life and then schedule replacements during a plant shutdown, ICM has also developed a 1000-Point Inspection to help plant operators identify areas in your plant’s Energy Center that need to be addressed during a scheduled shutdown. Planning these maintenance activities around scheduled shutdowns helps keep your plant performing as efficiently as designed and minimizes the risk of part/equipment failure that could lead to an expensive, unplanned emergency shutdown.

ICM also provides both ongoing and emergency support, backed by a 24/7/365 availability commitment.

This includes:

  • 24-hour emergency hotline (877.456.8588)
  • Extensive replacement part inventory
  • Experienced support personnel
  • Emergency shutdown use of ICM’s heavy equipment and field components
  • Available spare and replacement parts
  • Energy Center system upgrades

For more information on Energy Center Services, download  

Energy Center Services, 402kb