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Engineering Services

Whether you’re building a new plant or expanding an existing one, the people of ICM will listen to your challenges and deliver guaranteed solutions to meet them. Our licensed, professional engineers are the industry’s best, designing turn-key solutions customized for you, then seeing them through fabrication, installation, construction, training, start-up, and testing.

No one knows more about ethanol plants than ICM, and our two decades of know-how give ICM-designed plants several advantages:

Less Piping

ICM-designed plants use the absolute minimum amount of piping necessary, reducing the risk of bacterial contamination, making pipes easier to access, and lowering costs.

Batch Processing

Because ICM design takes advantage of batch processing, as opposed to continual processing, plant operators can clean pipes and tanks after each batch has been processed. As a result, the risk of bacterial contamination is reduced, and beer columns require less cleaning.

Unique Evaporation/Distillation Process

ICM’s proprietary evaporation/distillation process results in a 10% energy reduction, because heat is shared between the units, as well as reduced downtime compared with other process technologies. Our guarantee is based on 353 days per year of operation.

Operationally Friendly Design

Nothing is more frustrating than high-tech equipment that’s impossible to operate. ICM took this into consideration when designing our easy-to-use DCS systems and control panels.

24-Hour Plant Support

Along with unparalleled service during plant design and construction phases, ICM is committed to keeping its plants up and running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We even offer a Plant Support 24-Hour HOTLINE (877.456.8588).