SOLMAX™ is a value-added feed product based on clarified thin stillage after the removal of suspended solids in the TS4™ process. This technology includes additional steps that remove suspended solids from thin stillage prior to condensation. The remaining dissolved solids (glycerol, acetic acid, unconverted sugars, salts, protein and minerals) are concentrated in the evaporation train to generate SOLMAX™.


ICM has commissioned research to show that SOLMAX™ delivers an equivalent feeding value to CDS. While still a liquid, SOLMAX™ achieves a higher sales price because its reduced water content allows transportation over greater distances. Producers may use SOLMAX™ like any CDS.

  • Mix it with distillers grains to create more nutritious DDGS.
  • Ferment it into a microbial product that grows on the nitrogen-free extract in CDS.
  • Use it as animal feed. Its energy value for cattle is greater than or equal to that of corn.
Typical analysis

The composition of SOLMAX™ makes it more attractive than commodity CDS. Its nutrient profile contains less water, less fat and fewer variations.

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