ULTRAMAX™ is the value-added feed product based on ICM’s patent-pending Thin Stillage Solids Separation System™ for biorefineries. TS4™ provides opportunities for separating the stillage process stream into its most valuable components. The solids removed by TS4™ are processed using our proprietary technology in which enzymatic hydrolysis unlocks valuable nutrients from the yeast cell wall and makes them bioavailable for animal digestion.

Nutrition and uses

There is more to animal feed ingredients than crude protein. Yeast offers unique carbohydrates, phospholipids and proteins stored within its cell. The cell wall contains additional nutrients that represent 15%-20% of the product’s dry weight. ULTRAMAX™ Hydrolyzed Yeast packages all these nutrients for the health benefit of dairy, swine, poultry, aquaculture and pets.

Demonstrated success

Trials have shown the superior digestibility and weight gain value of ULTRAMAX™ over competing products used for fish and poultry feed.

Weight gain (grams per fish)

Means with unlike superscripts differ (p < 0.05). 12-week animal feed trials. Yeast inclusion rate was 20% of the diet replacing fishmeal.

Feed conversion (feed:gain) – fish

Means with unlike superscripts differ (p < 0.05). Lower numbers are desirable.

ULTRAMAX™ has a special licensing model that is available to a limited number of
customers. Learn more about adding value to your operations with this new feed product.