Fiber+Syrup is a high-fiber feed product based on ICM’s Fiber Separation Technology™. During ethanol production, FST™ and FST Next Gen™ remove fiber from the process stream. The fiber is later mixed with condensed distillers solubles to produce Fiber+Syrup.

Protein concentration

Depending on how it is sold, Fiber+Syrup exhibits a range of protein concentrations as low as 20% or as high as 26% on a dry matter basis. Individual applications will vary.


Fiber+Syrup provides beef and dairy animals with a highly palatable source of energy while also reducing acidosis. It can be sold as a stand-alone feed ingredient for cattle or combined with distillers grains and marketed as DDGS.
Demonstrated success

Research has demonstrated that Fiber+Syrup in cattle diets enhances feed-gain ratios. In one trial, Fiber+Syrup resulted in a 9% improvement for calf-fed steers and a 5% improvement for yearling steers compared to the control (Garland, et al. 2018).

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