Condensed Distillers Solubles

When fuel ethanol is purified from beer, the remaining material has three constituents: approximately 90% water, coarse particles of unfermentable grain, and fine particles that either dissolve or remain suspended in water. The coarse particles are easily removed, but only a portion of the water can be dehydrated. The remaining material is called condensed distillers solubles (CDS) and has the consistency of pudding at room temperature.


CDS comes with freight limitations due to excess water content, which may restrict its use to local applications.

  • Mix it with distillers grains to create more nutritious DDGS.
  • Ferment it into a microbial product that grows on the nitrogen-free extract in CDS.
  • Use it as animal feed. Its energy value for cattle is greater than or equal to that of corn.
Typical analysis

There is much variation in the nutrient composition of CDS. The water concentration can vary from 50% to 80% as-is, and crude protein ranges from 20% to 30% on a dry matter basis.

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