Base Tricanter System
Superior oil
recovery for
added revenue

ICM’s Base Tricanter System™ employs a three-phase centrifuge to separate the maximum amount of corn distillers oil from syrup.

Cleaner oil

The Base Tricanter System™ reduces solids debris and free fatty acid content. Recovered oil can be sold as a feed ingredient or biodiesel feedstock. In some markets, BTS™ oil will earn a premium price over other forms of oil.

Preserving DDGS value

Even when you sell non-food grade corn oil as a separate, higher-value product, the fat content in your DDGS remains above 8.5% and delivers an average pro-fat content in excess of 35%.
Base Tricanter System tank
  • Ease of operation
  • More uptime compared to standard separators
  • High oil yield
  • Rapid return on investment

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