New ICM technology package offers process enhancements alongside diversified feed options

Ethanol producers that added the milling and separation technologies developed in the past decade are realizing multiple process improvements alongside diversified feed products. This year, ICM Inc. rolled out its new Feed Optimization Technology to add one more feed option to its suite of offerings.

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Gen 1.5 Corn Fiber Processing and High-Value Product Diversification

In the early days of corn ethanol production, sufficient profit could be made by offering a simple mix of ethanol and distillers dried grains (DDG). This strategy allowed a plant to focus on ethanol yield, which was sufficient for most plants’ bottom line.

The Importance of Diversified Feed Products in the Ethanol Industry

Protein is in high demand worldwide. As the demand increases alongside a growing middle class, meeting the demand will require greater availability of feed protein products for the meat animals we consume.

Plants Often Overlook Certain Systems for Optimal Cleaning and Maintenance

While fermenters and evaporators get priority, don’t forget to consider pipes and pumps and ductwork.