Advanced Processing Package™
protein production

The Advanced Processing Package™ includes four technologies needed for producing PROTOMAX™, a 50% protein animal feed product. By combining the technologies into one solution, we offer your plant a complete road map for diversifying revenue.


With the Advanced Processing Package™, plants can produce a high-protein, high-value feed product that benefits a wide range of animals such as cattle, fish and pets.

One package, many benefits

The Advanced Processing Package™ delivers improved operational efficiencies, increased production volume and reduced energy consumption. Explore each technology to discover the benefits in more detail.

intensity score

Diversify your revenue streams without increasing your carbon intensity: the Advanced Processing Package™ has the potential to reduce scores by as many as 2-4 points.


The Advanced Processing Package™ is a fully integrated solution that can be installed separately or all at once, providing flexible investment management.

ongoing operational

The Advanced Processing Package™ also saves money by reducing maintenance and using fewer chemicals, less electricity and less natural gas than other offerings.

Proven technologies

SMT™/SMT V2™, FST™/FST Next Gen™, FOT™ and TS4™ have been proven in over 50 installations comprising individual or combined technologies, and three full installations of the Advanced Processing Package™ are currently underway.

The Process

Learn more about adding value to your plant with our Advanced Processing Package™.