FOT Oil Recovery™
Maximize corn
oil recovery

FOT Oil Recovery™ is a proprietary two-step separation process that frees up more corn oil for recovery. The process also dewaters the whole stillage cake as it goes to the dryer, reducing your plant’s natural gas load.

By choosing to work with ICM, you tap into the benefits of our award-winning technology. Our work on FOT Oil Recovery™ was recognized at the Wichita Business Journal’s 2024 Innovation Awards.

FOT Oil Recovery
Increased corn oil recovery

With enhanced solid-liquid separation, FOT Oil Recovery™ enables biorefineries to maximize corn oil recovery.

Natural gas opportunity

The separation process efficiently sends water to evaporators and solids to dryers, reducing natural gas requirements and decreasing carbon intensity.

Rapid payback

FOT Oil Recovery™ delivers a fast, best-in-industry return on investment.

Qualify for a USDA grant

Investing in ICM comes with rewards. Due to the reductions in natural gas usage when implementing FOT Oil Recovery™, your company may be eligible for a USDA grant award, which may be used to fund the design and installation. Contact ICM to learn about eligibility requirements and how to apply.

The Process

Learn more about adding value to your plant with FOT Oil Recovery™.