PROTOMAX™ is a concentrated feed product with 50% protein and low fiber content. It is produced by ICM’s Feed Optimization Technology™ in conjunction with SMT™/SMT V2™, FST™/FST Next Gen™ and TS4™. During ethanol production, corn grain is ground and added to hot water to form a mash. Enzymes convert the starch to sugar, and fiber is separated from the mash stream. After the ethanol is removed, the whole stillage enters two phases of separation that produce thin stillage and concentrated, high-protein grains. The grains are then dried without the solubles and fiber fractions.


PROTOMAX™ is beneficial to a wide range of species. With a higher protein concentration and lower fiber content proportional to protein and fat, it can replace significant portions of soybean meal and corn in poultry and swine diets. It is also a source of protein and energy for beef, dairy, fish and even pets.

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