ICM has signed an agreement with Neomille, a subsidiary of Cerradinho Bioenergia, to design a bio-refinery in the Brazilian state of Mato Grosso do Sul. Construction will take place in Maracaju, 160 kilometers southwest of the state capital.

The greenfield plant will deliver a corn grinding capacity of 3,400 MT daily and produce over 500 MLPY of anhydrous ethanol or 540 MLPY of hydrous ethanol. Its production output will also include 23 MLPY of corn oil, in addition to 390,000 MT per year of DDGS. ICM will provide Neomille with technology, engineering and equipment solutions.

“ICM is proud to offer process design and technologies that allow Neomille to expand its production potential while serving the environment,” said Issam Stouky, ICM’s Director of Global Business Development. “It’s a pleasure to work with an innovative company that recognizes the golden opportunities made possible through corn ethanol production.”

Neomille represents a major investment by Cerradinho Bioenergia in advancing corn-based ethanol and animal feed in Brazil. Cerradinho Bioenergia has earned numerous regional awards for sustainable biofuel production.

“We are excited to work with ICM, which has solid experience in the industry and shares our commitment to sustainability and high efficiency,” said Renato Pretti, Director of New Business at Cerradinho Bioenergia. “We see corn-based ethanol as a relevant business model that supports the Brazilian corn industry and creates value for the local economy. ICM’s technologies will help us efficiently drive biofuel production and development in the region and strengthen our position in the animal nutrition market. We look forward to a long-lasting relationship with ICM.”

The new plant is expected to begin operations in the third quarter of 2023.


About ICM, Inc.

Established in 1995 and headquartered in Colwich, Kansas, USA, with a regional office in Brazil, ICM provides innovative technologies, solutions, and services to sustain agriculture and to advance renewable energy, including ethanol and feed technologies that will increase the supply of world protein. By providing proprietary process technologies to over 100 facilities globally with a combined annual production over 33 billion liters of ethanol and 25 million tons of distiller grains, ICM has become a world leader in bio-refining technologies. For additional information, visit www.icminc.com.


About Cerradinho Bioenergia

Cerradinho Bioenergia and Neomille are part of the Cerradinho Group, which originated in Catanduva, São Paulo, and has more than 40 years of experience in the industries of sugarcane, energy, agricultural properties and logistics. For more information, visit www.cerradinho.com.br.