ICM has signed a second contract to install its Advanced Processing Package (APP), which will enable Lincolnland Agri-Energy to produce high-protein animal feed at its facility in Illinois.

APP includes four patented and patent-pending separation technologies: Selective Milling Technology, Fiber Separation Technology Next Gen, Feed Optimization Technology and Thin Stillage Solids Separation System.

Lincolnland is already equipped with one of the technologies. The plant has been using Selective Milling Technology to increase oil and ethanol yields since 2012. ICM will install the other APP technologies this spring.

“ICM’s stepwise approach to biorefining represents a great option for plants that prefer a more conservative investment strategy,” said Alex Wayman, ICM’s director of project development. “They can leverage the unique operational and financial benefits that each of these technologies brings to plant operations.”

“While considering other technologies, we had the opportunity to visit ICM’s high-protein production installation in Colwich and learn about its process and operational advantages,” said Eric Mosbey, general manager of Lincolnland. “We knew the Advanced Processing Package was the best choice for us after experiencing firsthand the ease of operation and verifying the high quality of the feed products.”

APP mechanically separates corn into clean piles of fiber, oil, solubles, protein and enhanced protein with yeast. Lincolnland will use these feed components to produce a yeast-enriched 50% protein feed trademarked as PROTOMAX, a high-energy feed referred to as SOLBRAN, and DDGS.

“PROTOMAX has been successfully proven in animal tests on a variety of species, including poultry, swine and fish,” said Dr. Ryan Mass, ICM’s director of animal nutrition and feed development. “This high-quality, high-protein feed provides great nutritional benefits to these animals while creating more value for producers.”

Since APP allows plants to adjust the type and quantity of feed they produce, Lincolnland can customize its offerings based on market demands.

“More people are discovering how APP enhances operations and increases the bottom line,” said Tom Ranallo, ICM’s vice president of operations. “We’re excited for Lincolnland to begin producing value-added feed products, reducing natural gas usage and saving energy with our state-of-the-art separation processes.”

Installation will be completed by the end of 2022.


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